An Indoor Fireplace

There are few pleasures in life that compare to sipping a warm drink in front of a crackling fire on a cold evening, and that is the reason for the modern popularity of having an indoor fireplace. For those lucky enough to have the room, there are several options available. They can have the convenience of a gas fireplace, the work of one that burns wood, or a combination fireplace can burn either fuel. Facades today run the gamut from wood, ceramic tiles, marble and stone.

Stone fireplaces are the most traditional because they were the first building blocks used by men. They give a sense of history, but their utility is also part of the package. Being able to count on them remaining in place for up to several centuries has been part of their popularity over the years, and the look of antiquity is still craved by many today.

Homeowners choosing a stone fireplace may not always want to chop wood, and buying it ready for use is not always an option. Some stone fireplaces have a gas insert in them, and it makes them a convenient appliance. Others like the convenience of gas, but they also love the smell of smoke that emanates from different types of wood. A hybrid fireplace insert can give them that while preserving the overall feel of a stone fireplace dominating their main living area. Traditionalists may have to work harder, but using only wood could be what attracts them to the beauty of this centrepiece of design in the first place.

Traditions change over the years, but the love of a crackling fire on a cold night has remained with many. Being able to create and use a fireplace is still the dream of people able to purchase land a buy a home. They may have more options, but the original attraction of relaxing by the fire is what the majority of them truly crave.