Building the Garden

Plants are obviously an important component of any garden, but outlining it against the lawn, the house, and even other properties can be just as important. Sectioning within the garden can provide a host of areas for different types of plants, and it can help with the landscaping that might be necessary if the yard is not level. Creating places to sit and enjoy the beauty are also important. All of these areas can be outlined and fitted with useful stones, and it can make them appear a natural part of the landscape.

The outside walls of any garden can be important for supporting plants, or they could be useful for cutting off an unpleasant view of the neighbour’s house. Even roads can be partially ignored if there is a wall built tall enough, and stones can help create a good barrier. Some stone walls might be relatively flat so plants can grow in front of them, but ivied walls with plenty of nooks where the plants can hold one are also popular.

The area of the garden that faces is the house might have a decorative stone border, but it should be fairly low. Being able to view the beauty of the garden before entering it can enhance the enjoyment, and it can provide a welcome backdrop to the yard. Landscaping stones come in many varieties, and borders can be created with several different types to add interest and colour before a person even noticed the plants within.

Seating in the garden might be placed for a break amid the oasis, and the ground there should be level and firm. Paving stones are a good idea because grass can grow between them to create a natural look, but the stones can also be used to help level the area. Imaginative use of pavers can create a restful ambiance to the garden as they create a space for relaxation.