Creating a Stone Patio For Your Home

Creating a stone patio takes adequate planning and a whole lot of creativity. During the planning stages, the first step to be taken is creating a blueprint for the patio. Within the blueprint you will need decide on the length and width of the patio, as well as the positioning of where the patio will be in your yard. Once you have the blueprint created to your liking, it is time to make the toughest decision yet. Choosing which type of stone to use. Although natural stones such as blue stone and field stone are absolutely stunning, flat stones like paving stone and flagstone are just as remarkable and more functional than round stones. Before making the final decision, be sure to do your research on how each stone looks when placed in a patio design.

Once the blueprint is ready to be put into action it is time to start getting your hands dirty. To start the process of constructing your stone patio you will need to start by using concrete to layout the foundation of the patio. Once the concrete is poured in between the wooden slabs marking the shape of your patio, you can than start placing the stones in the exact locations that will create your brilliant stone design. After the stones are all in place, there is only one step left to go and that is adding a sealing agent to keep everything in place and preserved perfectly. After the concrete and sealing agent has dried, you can than remove the wooden slabs and view your beautiful creation.

Above is an example of a blue stone patio built by a home owner in their backyard. Take note of the unique design and structure that the home owner used to create this beautifully styled patio.