Minerals Used In The Construction Of Your Home

Just glancing at your home it is hard to believe that simple objects such as windows, tiles and plasterboard are all made up of minerals. Although the topic is not something that gets mentioned commonly, minerals make up a large majority of household items as well. For example, a can opener is made up of Hematite, Chromite, Galena, and copper. Who would have known? Next time you open up drawers in your home, or when your organizing everyday items, conduct a little research to see if what you are holding is made up of one of many different types of minerals found under the earths surface. Specific objects and areas in your home that are made up of minerals are as follows:

The glass in windows is made up of a mineral called quartz. The quartz mineral is first melted down until it becomes completely transparent and than is shaped into a thin sheet of glass before being placed within the frame.

Tiles are made up of clay minerals which are fired and than shaped carefully to create a beautiful, unique tile pattern for your home.

Cement is made up of multiple minerals including clay and gypsum. Gypsum is used to help the cement harden and stay compact under pressure.

Plasterboard, which is what forms the walls around you in your home, are made up of Gypsum minerals. When creating plasterboard, the Gypsum is first heated, and than mixed with water to create a large solid mass.

Years ago pipes in our plumbing systems were made up of lead. Now that society is aware of the potential hazards and poisons within lead, copper is now used as one of the main supplies to build plumbing pipes. Copper is also used in all other areas of your home inside of the wiring.

If minerals are required for technical processes, see Minerals Marketing for expert advice. They can provide Kaolin, mineral fillers, water filtration media and recycled glass media.

Hanging A Drywall

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