What Are The Different Types of Finishes For Stone

Once you have chosen which type of stone you will be using for your home project, you will need to decide what type of finish you want your stone to have. Whether you have an acquired taste for ancient themes, or a rough and rustic vibe, there are finishes to suit your every need. Some of the more popular finishes used for outdoor walkways and patios are cobbled stone and flamed stone. Both of which have a rough, textured surface. Finishes such as polished stone and brushed stone are used inside homes for chimneys, water fountains, and even flooring.

Before deciding on any one finish, it is ideal to do research on the different types of finishes before making the final decision. During your search for the perfect finish, be sure to view the stone in the area that you desire to place it. Although the finish may seem like the perfect fit while holding it in your hands, it can give off a completely different look when placed in different areas of your home. Below are brief descriptions of the different types of stone finishes offered to you.

Brushed stones are given a brief acid wash before being wire brushed for a very smooth and textured finish.

This particular finish leaves stones with a high gloss surface.

Stones that are honed do not have a polished surface but are smooth to the touch with square edges.

All cobbled stones have an ancient look from the surfaces and edges being heavily tumbled.

When stones are tumbled they do not achieve a smooth surface such as the honed finish, but are given perfectly rounded edges.

Flamed stones are blow torched which in return gives the stone a very rough, textured surface.

Aggregates look nice as decorative finishes. Dried aggregates and silica sand are often used as a base layer for foundations of project but are often seen as a decorative item.